For the Thames Valley, Berkshire and Surrounding Areas

**** CHRISTMAS DANCE 2014 ****

**** BCSA Monday Dance Club ****

Monday 15th December 2014, 7:30 pm-11:00 pm at the BCSA Club, Burghfield

Dancing to 'Sugar and Spice'

see 'a' on the 'Evening' Dance Calendar below, for detailed location

For Tickets and further information phone 0127-647-4686


The calendars will help you find Evening Ballroom Dances, Afternoon Tea Dances and Dance Clubs, in the Thames Valley, Berkshire and surrounding areas. You may be looking for an evening out or you have just retired and are looking for an afternoon Tea Dance. You may have been learning to dance at your local dancing school and you need somewhere to put that waltz, quickstep, foxtrot and other dances, into practice. Go back through those musical doors of time and enjoy a more pleasant way of keeping fit and healthy. To open either of the the Calendars click on one of the the links below, at 'OPENING THE EVENING DANCE CALENDAR' or at 'OPENING THE TEA DANCE CALENDAR', or read on for help in using the Calendars.

These are social dances, don't be reticent about going to them. They are not 'over the top', demonstrative, 'Strictly Come Dancing', competitive exhibitions; they are social ballroom dances for everyone, where people are friendly and you will be made welcome.

Clubs and Venues
Find the cell of the calendar representing the day or evening upon which you wish to go dancing. If there are characters or symbols in that cell then there is a dance, or are dances to be held on that day or evening. Make a mental note of those characters or symbols, then go to the 'Club Venues' section at the lower portion of the calendar; to determine the club names, venue locations and club contacts.

At the right hand side of the Venue line for the club of interest there may be an upper case letter; indicating the facilities available for that venue, such as 'B' denoting a Bar, or 'D' advising of the need for you to take your own drinks. There is a legend at the bottom of the calendar for interpreting these 'Facility Indicators'.

Additional Information
For further information on a particular club or venue, speak with the the relevant 'Confirmation Contact', listed at the end of the row for that club/dance of interest.

To open the latest version of the 2014 Ballroom Dance Calendar For EVENING DANCES Click here . To return to this Web page from the calendar, without going via your browser, click onto the file menu, usually at the top left corner of your PDF Reader Program in use, then select 'close tab' from the displayed 'drop-down menu' or close the displayed .pdf calendar view.

To open the latest version of the 2013 Ballroom Dance Calendar for TEA DANCES Click here . To return to this Web page from the calendar, without going via your browser, click onto the file menu, usually at the top left corner of your PDF Reader Program in use, then select 'close tab' from the displayed 'drop-down menu' or close the displayed .pdf calendar view.

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The Calendar is revised to accommodate additions, deletions and dance date changes, to reflect information received from club organisers. These Calendar revisions are indicted by 'Issue No', 'Amendment No' and 'Date of Change', at the top row of the Calendar. Each year restarts at Issue 01. For inclusion, amendment or deletion of your Ballroom Dance Club or Dances, to or from this calendar, e-mail your details to Click here.

You should be able to print the 'Evening Ballroom Dance Calendar' onto one side of an A4 sheet of paper and print the Tea Dance Calendar on to the other side. Please distribute to your friends and club members.

This 'Ballroom Dance Calendar' was conceived and compiled in 1992 for personal use; to keep track of when and where the various dances were to be held. Free copies were later distributed to attendees of the various dances, so that others could also make use of it. In addition, hard copies were posted to club organisers so that they could distribute free copies to their members. Thus providing very low cost mutual advertising, for all clubs, by all clubs, aiding survival of the clubs and the social past time of ballroom dancing.

Since August of 2002, in addition to the free hard copy handouts and posted copies, the calendar was also circulated to dancers and club organisers by 'e-mail'. This provided a quicker, cheaper method of distribution and enabled organisers to make cheap convenient hard copy handouts from their home computers. It also gave dancers the opportunity of forwarding copies to other dancers on their electronic mailing lists.

Early in December of 2006 this 'dancecalendar' web site was launched; as a means of spreading awareness of the clubs and dances beyond the established dancing community.

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To avoid disappointment, check with the relevant 'Confirmation Contact' that the event is still to be held, before travelling. The compiler of this calendar and web page shall not be responsible for personal, financial, or time losses by: attendees, prospective attendees, club representatives or venue owners.

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